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At Shawburn we deliver outstanding results across 3 key business areas: branding, web design, and digital marketing.


We help companies define a clear brand identity that will carry them through their financing rounds.

Web Design

Experts in web design, we craft award-winning and cutting-edge online experiences.

Digital Marketing

From developing a marketing strategy to managing campaigns, we can handle all your marketing and advertising needs.


You are in for an interesting experience when you set out to find a web designer who is competent and is a good fit for you and your project. The following information is evergreen stuff, and it will serve you well anytime you are in a position to bring a freelance designer on board your team.

Any time you want to use outsourced help, one of the best things you can do is always have effective communications with that person. You will discover a range of traits and behaviors, and you will need to make a decision if a potential designer is not forthcoming with effective communications. What are the important steps to take in order to make an honest and accurate evaluation? For one thing, as you are speaking with the designer, take note of how interested he or she is in your project and situation. You will get the best results only from those who are genuinely interested to help and provide exactly what you want. What you will find is there may be a need to speak with the person several times again after they begin work. Even though you are outsourcing this task, you cannot afford to remain out of the loop or uninvolved. Many service providers like this want you to pay something upfront, and then the rest when their work is completed. Any deviations from that will just depend on the particulars of your project. Of course most web designers will have you sign a contract, and that is really to protect both of you. Hopefully you realize the importance of the ability to pay for the site in full when you get the notice that it is done.

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